Andreea Kindryd

Andreea Kindryd

When we lose an elder we lose a library; when we don’t hear a child’s voice we lose an entire perspective.

Andreea TED talk

Andreea Kindryd is a Ted speaker, a storyteller and a stand-up comedian. She was a friend and colleague of Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X and tells the most amazing stories of their fight for rights and freedom in the US at that time. Andreea also worked on the original Star Trek and works with Aboriginal communities here in Australia.

Andreea's programs

Rights and Freedoms

Age: 9-12 years

Writing focus: Storytelling, persuasive and opinion writing, historical, cultural and social change

Co-Author Program
Rights and Freedoms Front Cover

Storyteller, TED speaker and human rights activist, Andreea Kindryd tells of her work in the US and Australia to make important changes to human and civil rights. She discusses her work with friends and colleagues Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, and invites students to consider the importance of questioning and exploring. Students will use Andreea’s work to create their own opinion pieces and personal narratives

Sample Program
Sneak Peek

What's included

For Students and Teachers:

  • One printed 12-page A5 book per student
  • Videos from author
  • The story starter
  • Writing program, linked to the curriculum
  • Reference to quality text and research
  • A digital book per student for life


Price per student licence:

  • 1 – 99 = $19.80
  • 100 – 499 = $17.60
  • 500 or more = $16.50

Every digital book can also create digital classroom libraries and bookclubs for parents to enjoy.