Andrew Daddo

Andrew Daddo

To get the chance to share our own raw, very real process of writing is powerful for kids... pick up a pencil, I can't wait to write with you.

First Day
Atticus Van Tasticus
Just Breathe
One Step
Whatcha building?

Andrew Daddo has managed to have a crack at just about every aspect of the entertainment industry. He’s appeared on TV, stage, radio and even made movies. Best of all, Andrew is an accomplished author, having written 25 books. He is a strong advocate for literacy and speaks in schools throughout the year. His latest books are ‘Just Breathe’, ‘Whatcha Building?’, and ‘Atticus Van Tasticus’, illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

Andrew's programs

There's a cat in our street!

Age: 7-10 years

Writing focus: Narrative, Visual Literacy

Story starter
There's a cat in our street story starter page 1

Andrew Daddo has written and illustrated the first two pages of a picture book, and is inviting your students to write the rest of the story. He has shared his advice on getting started and some of his writing techniques, and is encouraging students to get started with a simple idea. A cat is stuck up a tree… your students can take this wherever they want!

Student work
Sample Book Cover Kevin Man
Sneak Peek

Atticus Van Tasticus

Ages: 7-10 & 9-12 years

Writing focus: Narrative

Story starter
Atticus van Tasticus Story Starter
Create your own pirate adventure story by co-authoring with Andrew Daddo. Use the start of ‘Atticus Van Tasticus’ to inspire and ignite a fun narrative. Draw maps, design your ideal ship and even have a go at writing a create-your-own adventure story!
Sample Program
Atticus van Tasticus Sample Program
Sneak Peek

What's included

For Students and Teachers:

  • One printed 12-page A5 book per student
  • Videos from author
  • The story starter
  • Writing program, linked to the curriculum
  • Reference to quality text and research
  • A digital book per student for life


Price per student licence:

  • 1 – 99 = $19.80
  • 100 – 499 = $17.60
  • 500 or more = $16.50

Every digital book can also create digital classroom libraries and bookclubs for parents to enjoy.