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1. Everyday use in your classroom

Access and use daily and weekly lesson plans, writing activities and resources that are all connected to the curriculum. See More.

AnnualScribe inspires the writer in every student.

“We found Littlescribe incredibly engaging, easily accessible from a regional area, and enabled us to successfully integrate the activities into our teaching and learning program. Thank you again.”

Catherine Day, St Robert’s Primary School, VIC

WeeklyScribe program from AnnualScribe


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AnnualScribe Persuasive Writing - Activity 2 - Teacher Writing Toolkit

Teacher Writing Toolkit

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Like to speak to a real person?

Andrew Daddo - Atticus Van Tasticus Co-Author AnnualScribe

The Co-author Program
Atticus Van Tasticus – Upper Primary
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2. The Co-author Program

A comprehensive 10-week program that uses collaboration, modelling, explicit teaching and engaging activities to guide every student in creating an original 12-page book.

Choose from over 15 loved Aussie authors including Jackie French, Andrew Daddo and Deborah Abela. Check out the full list of our authors.

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Author: Deborah Abela
Project: Scrappy
9 to 12 years

Author: Katrina McKelvey
Project: Opposites
5 to 8 years

“I love the co-author program. The lesson plans are easy to follow and every activity can be differentiated. The whole program is so engaging for my students. And the best part is when they receive their own copy of the book they have created.”

Trinity Hook, Nords Wharf Public School, NSW

3. An interactive live festival

20+ live, online, interactive workshops with Australian authors.

A Term 3 event for primary and high school students that is linked to CBCA Book Week. Writing activities designed to continue engagement through term 4.

“Can’t wait for next year! Year 4 have absolutely loved the writing festival. I have seen an immediate improvement in their writing and students are now keen and excited to write. The students loved hearing their questions answered by the authors.”

Jessica Yeo, Calderwood Christian School, NSW

Classroom working with Katrina McKelvey

Project: Create a Calendar
First Nations Storytelling

4. Project based engagement

Create Your Own Project. The Littlescribe platform enables individual and collaborative projects to come to life as classroom libraries, printed and digital books, calendars and cards ready for an audience to read.

“You guys are awesome! Thank you for making the effort to engage our young writers in such a meaningful and wonderful way!”

Jason Mok, Pacific Hills Christian School, NSW

Student assessment and engagement tools

Student portfolio and assessment

Student Portfolio

Every writing activity, challenge, note and project builds a student portfolio to help track progress.

Build a library of student work and connect samples directly to the assessment tool.

Assessment Tool

Assess and record achievement throughout the year using writing rubrics to identify and monitor individual learning goals. 


“Littlescribe… not only inspired my students to write more creatively, it has inspired my teaching. Absolutely loved it!”

Deborah Hansen, Kings Baptist Grammar School, Wynn Vale, SA

The Desert by Lucy

Student Portfolio

AnnualScribe Student Assesments

Student Assessment

AnnualScribe Comprehension Tool

Comprehension Tool

Classroom Library​

Create, celebrate and share

Reading comprehension tool

Students can analyse and evaluate their own writing projects by creating and answering comprehension questions within your class library.

Class and school digital libraries

Build a class and school library of original student work. Collaborate with a sister school or share writing on the Story Starter Wall for the world to read.

“Littlescribe provided an amazingly affordable, inspiring and exciting experience, which was absolutely appreciated by a community which has recently been deeply affected by bushfires, economic hardship and Covid.”

Jenny Hearnes, St Mary’s Primary School, Bairnsdale, VIC


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