The ultimate

    Writing Masterclass Workshop

    program for schools

    Experience a writing festival with 15 literary masters
    authors, illustrators, journalists, and poets in your classroom.

    Discover a year-long writing program with rich resources that
    let you teach the way you love!

    Welcome to a writing adventure – like no other!

    Trusted by more than 1,000 schools Australia wide.

    15 expert-led

    15 expert-led,
    live & on-demand workshops

    Authors model

    Authors model
    techniques & students write

    Unlock student voice

    Unlock student voice
    and original writing

    150K students

    150,000 students have
    participated Kindy to Year 8

    Tailored for schools

    Linked to ACARA 9.0
    & NSW Units of Work

    Meet the line up


    Upcoming Live Workshops for Term 3 in 2025

    Access rich teaching resources like these

    Access a comprehensive resource program that includes writing challenges and activities, along with micro videos, teaching slides, and student workbooks like the examples shown below from George Ivanoff, Lesley Gibbes, and Jackie French’s programs for year-round use.

    What will your students gain?
    • Technique Mastery: Learn directly from award-winning authors and writing experts
    • Hands-On Learning: Engage in innovative activities that apply skills in real time
    • Collaborative Community: Connect with peers and authors – be part of a true writing community.
    • Enthusiasm: Ignite creativity, joy and confidence
    • Exclusive Access: Unlock authors’ literacy secrets.

    What’s in your teacher resources?

    • Released Term 2: Pre-workshop resources
    • Program Summary: Clear objectives and outcomes.
    • Teaching Slides and Notes: Ready-to-use materials.
    • Alignment with ACARA 9.0 and NSW Units of Work: Ensures curriculum relevance.
    • Exclusive Access: Authors’ literacy scaffolds and texts.
    • Flexibility: Real-time and on-demand availability.
    • Student Workbook
    How an author masterclass works

    Welcome to The Brainstrust!

    Our mission is to provide unprecedented access for students and authors to collaborate in a lively, real-time learning community, with our live illustrator providing guidance and visual magic.

    Our program is all about collaboration and expertise. We don’t just plan workshops; we craft experiences tailored to every age group, starting a whole year in advance. Each year, we dedicate over 250 hours to collaborative efforts. We gather insights from Australia’s top writing experts and children’s authors, curriculum guidelines, and your feedback to ensure learning truly comes alive on every student’s page.

    Over 150,000 students across Australia have participated, and we’re constantly refining and improving based on what really works!

    Each workshop includes a comprehensive Teacher Resource Pack, aligned to the curriculum and ready-to-use for 2024. You have a year of resource access and experts connecting live to your classroom.

    You’ll experience a festival feel as we ignite joy and confidence in students by providing rich exclusive resources.

    There’s truly no other writing experience like it!


    A behind-the-scenes photo from the live workshop with Kris Darell, Host: Louise Park, Author and James Foley, Illustrator.

    Examples of James Foley’s live drawings. They are essential components of your resource pack, offering ongoing engagement and modeling opportunities.

    Teachers Love Littlescribe

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    Student licence starts from
    AUD $5.00 per student ex GST

    Receive a quote and The Educators Program Overview 2024

    Teaching Resource Pack Inclusions

    📹 15 x Masterclass Workshops (live and on-demand)

    ✔️ Unlimited access to all resources and workshops until the 20th of December 2025.

    👩‍🏫 Teacher licence is included

    Every Masterclass Workshop includes:

    📁 Unit Program Overview

    📋 3 x Pre-Workshop lessons and activities

    📹 1 x Author Writing Workshop

    📋 3 x Post-Workshop lessons and activities

    ✔️ Connections to ACARA 9.0 and NSW units of work

    🔀 Teachers can use the resources and lesson plans independently or use as part of a sequence

    Bonus Inclusions:

    📹 3 x On demand workshops from 2023

    ⚙️ Digital book creation tools

    📚 120+ Book Week literacy activities

    1. Program Start Date:
    You can start anytime during the year, with resources released in Term 

    2. Live Author Workshops:
    Happening in term 3 of 2025, and available on-demand within 48 hours.

    3. Access to Workshops:
    Yes, you get unlimited access to all 15 workshops and resources.

    4. Online & On-Demand Workshops Absolutely!
    This program is flexible and can be done online or on-demand, fitting into your schedule.

    5. Workshop Selection:
    You can pick and choose which workshops and resources you want to use to suit your writing plan and students’ needs.

    6. Age Range:
    The program is for students aged 5 to 14+.

    7. Curriculum Alignment:
    Yes, resources align with ACARA 9.0 NSW Units of work.

    8. Book Creation:
    Yes, you can create books digitally and even print them. Contact us for a guide and pricing details.

    9. Pricing:
    It’s priced per student annually. Discounts for entire school sign ups. Teacher and student access until term 3 of 2025.

    10. Immediate Program Access:
    On request of invoice.

    1300 365 735

    Littlescribe 2024

    We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live.
    We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the land’s first storytellers and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.