Welcome to the NAIDOC
Book Creation Challenge!

Be that teacher that inspires,
models, and brings purpose
to students’ writing.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live. We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the land’s first storytellers and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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Book Creation Naidoc - Starts 22nd May!

In 3 steps, create a collaborative book with your students:

Watch five FREE 30-40 minute sessions.
We share the plan, resources, and tools, and show you how.

Receive ready-to-use free resources, lesson plans, worksheets and book creation tools you can use immediately.

Get started in the Book Creation Naidoc

The program is designed for you to deliver within 3 lessons. You can adjust, extend or reduce your time to meet your plans.

What we share and provide in every workshop

Session 1

1. Incorporate the theme.
Be that teacher!

Session 2

Book Creation Naidoc - Customise your lesson

2. Editable lessons.
Save time!

Session 3

Book Creation Naidoc - See Other Student Book
3. Layer language. We make it easy!

Session 4

Book Creation Naidoc - Layer language
4. See Other Books. Be inspired!

Session 5

Book Creation Naidoc - Create & share a book

5. Create & share a book.
Publish the same day!

Let us help you apply these themes

Including resources, ideas, and techniques to apply Indigenous language.

Book Creation Naidoc - celebrating naidoc week for our elders
Book Creation Naidoc - be a voice for generations
Book Creation Naidoc - 2022-2032 international decade of indigenous languages
Book Creation Naidoc - sun

About the series

This series of five short webinars for educators is designed to help you create a collaborative classroom picture book that connects the themes For Our Elders and Be a Voice for Generations. Led by Jenny Atkinson, Littlescribe Founder and CEO, with guest presenters Kylie Captain (first session) and Jasmine Seymour (third session), the workshops will cover strategies for incorporating Indigenous language into picture books, as well as tips for creating a well-designed collaborative book. By the end of the series, you’ll have the know-how and tools to create a picture book with your students that celebrates Indigenous culture and language. The program is designed to be completed in three lessons.

Meet the Hosts

Book Creation Naidoc - Kylie Captain

Kylie Captain
A Gamilaroi woman with 22 years of experience in education, well-being, and community service, Kylie Captain will co-facilitate the first session. President of the Aboriginal Studies Association, leading programs on Aboriginal cultural education, well-being, and resilience, she is also an accredited teacher, Aboriginal Educational Leader, and author of ‘Dream Big and Imagine the What If’ and co-author of ‘Be That Teacher who Makes a Difference & Lead Aboriginal Education for All Students’ with Dr Cathie Burgess.

Book Creation Naidoc - Jenny Atkinson

Jenny Atkinson
Founder and CEO of Littlescribe, Jenny is a champion for children’s literature. She created The Co-author Program, The Mini-Writing Festival (Australia’s largest literacy festival for students), and collaborated with UNESCO during COVID for UN Earth School. With more than 250k pages now written by students, Jenny’s expertise is supporting teachers with inspiring curriculum-aligned programs and tools that develop skills and provide purpose – from one page to a chapter book, every child is an author.

Book Creation Naidoc - Jasmine Seymour

Jasmine Seymour
A Dharug woman belonging to the Burubirangal people, Jasmine is a Dharug language teacher, linguist, researcher and activist. A primary school teacher (BEd) with a Masters degree in Indigenous Languages Education, she is also author / illustrator of Baby Business, winner of the CBCA 2020 Best New Illustrator award, author of Cooee Mittigar, the 2020 Prime Minister’s Literary Award winning children’s title and author / illustrator of Open Your Heart to Country. Jasmine is secretary of the Da Murrytoola Aboriginal Education Consultancy Group (AECG).

Our Dream?

For students to be a voice now for generations to come.
For students to write stories inspired by the theme: For Our Elders.
For students to include Indigenous language in their stories.

Let’s create a new normal where children’s writing is revered, respected, and read!
Join us… together let’s be that teacher!

Be Inspired!

You will be able to create a book like these in three lessons.


These are the interpretations of class 2/3 Jingir Jingir from Evans River K-12 School of how we connect to Country.


Yes. Resources align with the Australian Curriculum, NSW and VIC and the recent K to 2 NSW Syllabus. Resources are designed for students aged 5 to 14 years+

They will expire on the 9th of June.

However, if you purchase book printing pack #2 or #3, you will have access to these videos until the end of term 3.

The first session will go for 45 minutes.

Sessions 2 to 5 will be 30-40 minutes which includes time for questions.

Miss one session? No problem. Register and we will send a recording the same day.

If you missed a session, we recommend watching it on demand so you have all the tools and strategies to create a cohesive book.