Case studies

The power of pride and purpose driving progress

1. New Zealand

A year of writing outcomes in just 8 weeks.

In all your years of teaching, have you ever seen this level of impact before?
“Never. Absolutely not.”

Becky Ward, Year 5 Teacher
Koputaroa Primary School

A lonely tree sitting in the moonlight
Sample work from NZ

2. Bear Facts

Factual books come to life and inspire students and teachers.

“You can learn sooooooooooooooooooo much about bears. I thought you might like to step inside…”

Zak Age 7 ¾
Littlescriber from Manly Vale Public School

3. Bourke

Finding and inspiring year 6 poets in Bourke

“Oh my goodness. Wow. That is very, very deep for a Year 6 student… often disengaged, will do the bare minimum. That’s amazing. Thank you!”

Rachael Cross, Assistant Principal
Bourke Public School

Sample work from Bourke

4. Brewarrina

Connecting visual literacy, writing and Ngamiba the local Aboriginal language.

“They had seen how it would be published as an end product, it made a big difference in how much care they were taking.”

Romana Moylan-McGuirk, Year 6 Teacher Brewarrina Central School

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