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Students are now co-authors

Authors creating new relationships with readers as writers, as co-authors!
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Authors write the first 2 pages and students write the rest of the story using Littlescribe.  Schools can invite their local author or engage a registered Littlescribe author.

Want to become a registered Littlescribe author? Click here to learn more.

Our Co-authors

Andrew Daddo Littlescribe Co-author

Andrew Daddo

Oliver Phommavanh Littlescribe Co-author

Oliver Phommavanh

Katrina Mckelvey Littlescribe Co-author

Katrina McKelvey

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How it works

1. Sign up

Sign up your school or class and we can create your account and turn on your co-author program.

2. Choose your author!

Choose your local school author or one of Littlescribe's authors.

3. Write and create

Use resources in your classroom, paper, pencils, and texters and write the rest of the story.

4. Publish

Download Littlescribe from the app store. Access your author's 2 pages, and each student adds their pages to create a co-authored book.

5. Share and celebrate

Now you have an instant digital book. You can also purchase a hardcopy, prices start from $8.80.

Are you a teacher?  Check out our Teacher Resources, 50 writing programs with ideas to support your co-author project

What's included?


  • Unlimited use of co-author licence until 31 Jan 2020 for $4.40 per student

  • Choose your local school author or a registered Littlescribe author

  • Create any type of writing project a book, calendar, card or poster

  • Create individual student and/or collaborative projects

  • Create a digital school library of your students' writing

How does it work?

More questions? Click Here for FAQ's.

Products you can create with your Co-author!

How much do products cost? Prices start from $8.80 for each product, click here for the detailed Pricing Table

Sample Digital Book


How much does it cost to participate in the Co-author Program?2019-04-30T14:13:11+10:00

Co-author license Fee: $4.40 include GST per account holder

This provides unlimited access to all Co-author projects until Jan 2020.

Prices are determined by the author and range from free to $5.00 per project.

Click here to see the Product Prices for books, calendars, posters and greeting cards. Prices start from $8.80 per product.

Can I use an author that already works with our school?2019-02-21T18:55:01+10:00


Can a school use different authors for different classes?2019-02-21T09:08:43+10:00


Do I need an author to visit my school to participate?2019-02-21T18:55:32+10:00

No, you can access the program with or without an author visit.

Can I use one of Littlescribe authors?2019-02-21T18:55:49+10:00

Yes, we have authors that make their project available to all schools and the public.

What is the minimum number of students that can join from one school?2019-02-21T09:00:36+10:00

No. There is no minimum number of students

If it is a CLOSE PROGRAM (only your students are using the program) and if less than 75 students we charge a one-off $250 setup fee

If it is PUBLIC PROGRAM there is no charge.



Can a school use different authors for student in the same class?2019-02-21T18:57:08+10:00


If I do not use the Co-author program can I get a refund?2019-02-21T09:11:18+10:00

No, we are happy to allocate the funds as credit for other Littlescribe products and services. There is a 12-month expiry on the credit.

Do I have to buy the licence before I can access a Co-author Program?2019-02-21T18:55:58+10:00


What are the print deadlines?2019-02-21T09:04:12+10:00

We print on the 14th and 28th of each month. Typically products are received within 7 to 10 days of this event.

If you have an order of more than 200 please contact us and we can organise a one-off order.

Can I order more copies of the books?2019-02-21T18:56:48+10:00

Yes, you can order as many copies after the project as you like, as long as the account has not been deleted.

Parents that are connected to the child's account can also buy copies directly.

Buying in bulk as a school reduces the price per unit.

My school is not participating can I create co author book?2019-02-21T18:57:46+10:00

Yes, you can access any of the public programs. Simply sign up for free, access the C0-Author options, choose your project and get started.

How much can Authors charge?2019-02-21T18:58:11+10:00

An author can charge from $0.00 to $5.00 per account holder per project