The Day She Stole The Sun

A story of the Cobargo bushfires in 2020
written and illustrated by year 5 & 6 students
from Cobargo Public School NSW

$27.5 per book (inc GST.)

$10.00 goes to Cobargo Public School for every book purchased.

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The students of Cobargo P.S. had a tough start to the year.

When bushfires ripped through Cobargo in the early hours of the morning on New Year’s Eve, some lost houses, others lost family members and all have a story to tell about that day. 

Together, along with the help of their teacher Campbell Kerr, Cobargo Public’s Year Five and Six class have told their story – writing and illustrating a book titled ‘The Day She Stole the Sun.’  

Sneak Peek

Created within Littlescribe's Literacy programs for schools

The book was started as part of Littlescribe’s literacy program for schools, which helps students build stronger writing skills and encourages every child to become an author. They are ready to share their story of the Cobargo bushfires. You can get involved by purchasing, reading and sharing their published book. 

Meet the students of Cobargo

“I hope the book is read by people in the city, so they understand what the bushfires were like, and also in other small towns who were burnt, because they will relate to it.” Lila Herring Student

Nate Miller Year 6 Cobargo Public School Student

How will Cobargo Public School allocate proceeds?

“The book has taught the students a lifelong lesson that positives can come from difficult experiences. ” Gillian Park, Cobargo Public School Principal.

$10 from every book purchased will go to the school to support the following resources, activities and key specialists.

Thank you! Your support has already helped secure these   meaningful outcomes.

Further support will enable the school to continue to employee a specialist literacy teacher.

“I hope the Prime Minister reads the book. I want him to think that when he came here first, (in the days after the bushfire) that was not the real us. The real Cobargo is nice, kind, thoughtful and strong.” Nate Miller

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By Year 5 & 6 Cobargo Students


$27.50 per book includes GST

Includes 1 x 40 page A4 book

$10 from every book goes to Cobargo Public NSW

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“I reckon it (the book) was also quite good because we got to share our side of the story not the TV producers’ side.” Nate Miller

“The story is a testament to the courage and thoughtfulness of the students. 

And whilst we think we might know something of what Cobargo went through at Christmas, this story tells it in a mature, yet passionate way. Words and pictures come together to create some incredible imagery, this is a book for everyone, not just the people of a small town fighting back.”

Andrew Daddo Littlescribe Ambassador

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