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Use your $100 NSW Creative Kids Voucher to access the Ultimate Creative Toolkit

We inspire and help kids create original books, calendars and cards.

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Create projects by using everyday resources found at home


Children drawing and writing creating Littlescribe projects at home

Kids reading Littlescribe books

Choose from 3 Creative Toolkits

Tip! Use your $100 NSW creative voucher to purchase The Ultimate Creative Toolkit  

The Basic Creative Toolkit

$19.80 per child

One creative project to get you started

All pricing in AUD includes GST.
6 month licence

The Co-author Program

$19.80 per child

For the child who wants to write with an author

All pricing in AUD includes GST.
6 month licence

The Ultimate Creative Toolkit

$100.00 per child

BEST VALUE - Includes $150 of products and services

All pricing in AUD includes GST.
12 month licence

How to redeem a NSW Creative Kids Voucher

What is the NSW Creative Kids Program?

The NSW Government is helping kids get creative with the new Creative Kids program. Parents and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school.

It can only be used by an approved supplier like Littlescribe.

Three steps to use the NSW voucher ($100) to access Littlescribe’s Ultimate Creative Home Toolkit.

Step 1

Get your NSW Voucher to access your NSW Government code.

Step 2

Complete the Littlescribe form, using your NSW Government code.

Step 3

Create a Littlescribe Adult account add your child/ren to your account.

Be inspired

Child sample the house and the spider

Merry Christmas card by Archie, inspired by the Simpsons

The activity kit provides endless ideas and resources

Sample resources from the activity pack - colour image

Sample of activity kit resources

Samples of activity pack resources

The Co-author Program, your child to writes the rest of the story

Co-author Story Starter Scrappy Page 1 Deborah Abela

Books written by kids using Littlescribe

There are many ways to share

The Story Starter Wall

Digital library is available for everyone- icon large yellow

Digital and printable projects- icon large yellow

Sample resources from the kit

At Littlescribe you will find a combination of

Look at these familiar authors your children can write with

Meet more than 20 loved authors and choose from over 60 Co-author Programs. Link here