Farm safety signs can be humorous

Farm Safety Campaign

The Land and Littlescribe are offering a 'real-life' experience for budding journalists, writers and cartoonists.

The best entries will be featured in the paper.

A joint initiative with Littlescribe and The Land

The Opportunity

Students to lead a Farm Safety campaign. 

Create a message that cuts through! Humour, the power of persuasion, facts, figures and direct messages are all encouraged.

A farm can be one of the best places to grow up. There’s freedom and adventure, coupled with developing an innate understanding of responsibility and hard work.

However, farms can also be some of the most dangerous places to live in Australia, with numerous risks to navigate on a daily basis, from motorbike riding, to snakes, to swimming in dams.

With this in mind, The Land and Littlescribe invite schools and students across Australia to take part in creating posters and journalistic pieces on Farm Safety.

Resources for Teachers

1. Includes a suite of consolidated resources such as videos, visual stimulus, templates and published articles. 

2. Each program for Kindy to Year 10 connects to the NSW, VIC and Australian curriculum and references quality texts.

3. Created as daily and weekly activities to develop skills that result in a published piece of work.

4. Covers all writing types including creative, persuasive,  factual, visual and poetry.

5. Students’ work can be shared with an audience through Littlescribe’s Story Starter Wall.  The Land will publish the best posters and journalistic pieces in the paper.


How it works

1. Register your school. 

2. Resources will be released in Term 1, 2021.  We will send an email link giving you access to the resources.

3. Students create written responses, either posters or written journalistic pieces.

4. Share students completed work by adding to it to the Littlescribe platform and Story Starter Wall and tag ‘Farm Safety’.

5. The Land will choose the best posters and journalistic pieces to be published in the paper during Term 1 and 2.

How do schools get involved?  Register below and we will be in touch.

Sample of Educational Resources

Student work published in The Land

Each week we feature writing in The Land, providing purpose and an audience for students.

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The Land and Littlescribe initiative