A writing activity for everyday of the year.

The responsive Teacher Writing Toolkit:

Provides continuity of learning, designed for classroom, home use, individuals and groups.

Is a library with 1,000s of essential writing resources.

Incorporates outcomes from the new K-2 English syllabus.

Allows you to assign, review and track student responses.

Inspire writing, discover 1000+ resources now!

My Teacher Writing Toolkit

Provides a writing activity for every day of the year for students aged 5 to 14+ years.

Includes an adaptable toolkit of writing activities, prompts, resources, worksheets, assessments that inspire student writing skills.

Each program is written by teachers and designed to cover all writing styles and text types including imaginative, descriptive, informative and persuasive.

Supports individual and group learning needs

Printable and digital resources

Choose from cross-curricular themes and topics

Teachers and students can access accounts remotely

Linked to the Australian Curriculums

My dashboard allows me to:


Filter through a library of writing resources by subjects, themes, topics, age and writing skills.


Digitally assign activities for students to respond to and submit for teacher feedback.

Review + Respond

Provide real-time feedback to students.


Student responses are saved in their portfolio and are instantly visible to the teacher.

“We found Littlescribe incredibly engaging, easily accessible and enabled us to successfully integrate the activities into our teaching and learning program.”

Catherine Day, St Robert’s Primary School, VIC.

3 key teacher tools ready for you:

1. DailyScribe

Choose from 1,000s of essential daily writing activities.

Filter by themes, topics, literacy skills. Assign to individual students or to the whole class.

2. The Mini-Review

A series of mini assessment tasks for narrative or persuasive writing. A focused tool to help teachers plan and execute targeted skills for individual student learning.

3. Student Dashboard

Student responses are saved and are instantly visible to the teacher.
See activities:
- Set for students
- Completed by the student and
- Reviewed by the teacher

Get started with resources like these!

Supports: remote learning, classroom, groups and individuals

All programs designed for classroom and remote learning

Choose to respond with handwritten or typed work

Can be used digitally and as printable activity packs

Includes resources for parents with homeschooling children

Lesson plans for explicit whole class or small group teaching

Assign for independent work or homeschooling

A complete writing process

We cover imaginative, informative, persuasive & descriptive writing styles.

Price and Inclusions

Includes access to DailyScribe, The Mini Review and Student Dashboard modules within the Teacher Writing Toolkit.

12 month licence includes

$75 per teacher ex GST

Upgrade to AnnualScribe

Access all writing programs

Teacher Writing Toolkit

1,000s of essential writing resources plus an adaptable toolkit of activities, prompts, worksheets and assessments.


A set of sequential lessons based on a theme topic or literacy skills in the Teacher Writing Toolkit.

The Mini-Writing Festival

15 live and on demand interactive writing workshops with Australian authors based on the CBCA Book Week Theme.

The Co-author Program

Students write an original 12-page book with an Australian author. 60 programs of quality literature designed to explicitly teach to students’ writing needs.

WeeklyScribe Resource Examples
Creating A Digital Comic Book - Lower Primary - Weekly Plan