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See how writing with purpose drives pride and progress for children
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Free Digital Writing Program

Everyone can write, create, share and publish their writing as a book, calendar, poster and greeting card. The digital version is free for home and at schools. Printed products start from $8.80 see complete pricing table here.

How it works

1. Sign up +

Sign up and either create a Parent Account (add a child) or create a Teacher Account (add students) to your classroom account. Teachers, you can send your class list details to [email protected] and we set up your class for you. Sign up here.

2. Write!

Use resources in your classroom and at home paper pencils, and texters and write a story, poem or joke. Check out our tips and tricks.

3. Create in App

Download Littlescribe to create an instant digital book, calendar, poster or greeting cards, it saves to your library. Now you can read it, share it, buy it even sell it!

4. BookClub + Library

Invite friends to your book club, create a classroom library, it is time to share your work!

5. Celebrate

Now you can purchase and sell your book, calendar, greeting card or poster. Buy in bulk and save, prices start from $8.80.

Are you a teacher?  Check out our Teacher Resources, 50 writing programs to help you get started.

Are you an author? Check out Littlescribe Authors and learn how to you can use Co-author with your schools.

What's included?


  • Unlimited use and creation of digital projects per student

  • Create individual student and/or collaborative projects

  • Create any type of writing project a book, calendar, card or poster

  • Invite parents to connect so they can become part of their child's audience and see their progress

  • Students can access their own account from home, provide homework activities such as create a greeting card

  • Create a classroom library so your students can read their own and peers work throughout the year

How does it work?

More questions? Click Here for FAQ's.

Program Fees

Digital Writing Program

$000Free digital account
  • Ability to create and share unlimited digital projects
  • Student and classroom accounts
  • Ability to create a classroom digital library
  • Access to all projects books i.e. calendars, cards and posters
  • Free parent connection to their child's account

Co-author Program

$440Licence per student (pa)
  • Unlimited use to 31 Jan 2020
  • Choose your local school author or a registered Littlescribe author
  • Unlimited number of writing activities
  • Access to all projects books i.e. calendars, cards and posters
  • Create school and classroom digital libraries

Teacher Resources

$4400Licence per teacher (pa)
  • Delivered as a 60 minute lesson or Term Project or Best of Series
  • With links to curriculum and syllabus
  • A library of student writing projects
  • With references to quality writing
  • With links to writing research


How much does it cost to participate in the Co-author Program?2019-04-30T14:13:11+10:00

Co-author license Fee: $4.40 include GST per account holder

This provides unlimited access to all Co-author projects until Jan 2020.

Prices are determined by the author and range from free to $5.00 per project.

Click here to see the Product Prices for books, calendars, posters and greeting cards. Prices start from $8.80 per product.

Can I use an author that already works with our school?2019-02-21T18:55:01+10:00


Do I need an author to visit my school to participate?2019-02-21T18:55:32+10:00

No, you can access the program with or without an author visit.

Can I use one of Littlescribe authors?2019-02-21T18:55:49+10:00

Yes, we have authors that make their project available to all schools and the public.

Can a school use different authors for student in the same class?2019-02-21T18:57:08+10:00


Do I have to buy the licence before I can access a Co-author Program?2019-02-21T18:55:58+10:00


Can I order more copies of the books?2019-02-21T18:56:48+10:00

Yes, you can order as many copies after the project as you like, as long as the account has not been deleted.

Parents that are connected to the child's account can also buy copies directly.

Buying in bulk as a school reduces the price per unit.

My school is not participating can I create co author book?2019-02-21T18:57:46+10:00

Yes, you can access any of the public programs. Simply sign up for free, access the C0-Author options, choose your project and get started.

How can I register to become a Littlescribe author and provide services to schools?2019-02-21T18:58:03+10:00

Contact us on 1330 365 735

How much can Authors charge?2019-02-21T18:58:11+10:00

An author can charge from $0.00 to $5.00 per account holder per project