Mini-Writing Festival teacher resource kit now released!

Taken from the live interactive mini-writing event for schools

Every workshop linked to the CBCA Book Week theme, Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

video workshops

unique authors

1 Illustrator joins every session

150 writing activities with video stimulus

All resources for $125 ex GST
per classroom

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Unlimited access to all recorded sessions as described below.
Includes a range of teacher resources.

A Littlescribe Partner

Our small K-6 school has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this year's Mini-Writing Festival.

It was great to see even our most reluctant writers participating with enthusiasm and creating some fantastic pieces of work!
Kara Fisher
Girilambone Public School, NSW
Littlescribe provided an amazingly affordable, inspiring and exciting experience, which was absolutely appreciated by a community which has recently been deeply affected by bushfires, economic hardship and Covid.

The quality of authors was excellent and the students were glued to the continual work of the illustrators. The lessons were engaging. Our School turned the whole week into a Writer's Festival. Can't wait for next year!
Jenny Hearnes
St Mary’s Primary School, Bairnsdale VIC
The Littlescribe Festival took our children to the next level with their writing.

There were so many ideas for both students and teachers to be upskilled in their writing. A fantastic experience!
Rhonda Creasey
Wallsend Public School, NSW

Sneak preview of a video workshop

Festival summary

Examples of writing activities

Program Pricing

Mini Writing Festival 2020



$125 per classroom

AUD excluding GST
Maximum of 35 students per classroom.

For schools under pressure

Ask about our special rate

To support schools under pressure from remote learning, bush fires, drought and Covid.
Please enquire about special rates.

Mini-Writing Festival Resource Kit for Schools

Now released, available until end of Term 4.

Ideas flowing from a book

What's included

What your child can do

Can students access the resources from the classroom or home? Yes. Each child has an account and can remotely access resources.

Welcome to our Partners and Supporters

“This is a great opportunity for Australian authors and students to collaborate and write alongside each other in the lead up to CBCA Book Week.”

Professor Margot Hillel OAM

Chair of the CBCA National Board

2020 Theme
Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.
On Butterfly Wings
Educators Community

Relevant, educational content at your fingertips

How a live mini-writing session works

How a live mini-writing session works

16 Live Aussie author workshops, each explores a writing skill

Every session an illustrator joins, drawing as the author shares, while the literacy experts guide and direct the lesson and writing activities.

Andrew Daddo, Jackie French,

Wendy Orr, Stephen Michael King,

Oliver Phommavanh, Kirli Saunders

James Foley, Lisa Nicol, Thomas Mayor

Kristin Darell, Katrina McKelvey,

Susanne Gervay, Deborah Abela


Connect with your favourite Aussie authors

Mini-writing Festival Author Wall


Write a page of work every session


Add your work to the Story Starter Wall

Homeschool Mini-Writing Festival Resource Kit

Now released, available until end of Term 4.

What's included

What your child can do

Why can’t homeschooled children participate in the live event? This is a school event only. Due to the management of privacy and security only schools can join the live event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Click on the Register button, enter your details and provide payment information for the number of students to be involved.

When is the deadline to register?
Registrations will close on 24th July, or when the festival registration numbers have reached capacity.
What resources are included in the mini-writing festival?

There will be downloadable lesson resources for each session with pre and post-workshop activities. After the live event you will get access to the recorded workshop.

What is the early bird price and when is the deadline?

$3.00 per student and the deadline is 30th June 2020.

Do students have to attend all the sessions?
No, you can choose which sessions to attend.
Can students attend all the sessions?

Yes, you can choose which sessions to attend.

Can I register as a whole school?

Yes. Register before 30th June and it is $3.00 per student.

Can I register as a class?

Yes. Register before 30th June and it is $3.00 per student.

What is required to login into the event?

Register, process payment then login to the Zoom sessions using the links we provide. Zoom is a free video conferencing platform, more details can be found on their website.

What should we bring to the live session?
The sessions will be interactive so each student should bring pens, pencils, paper and imagination!
How can students submit questions to the authors?

You can email questions to the authors to [email protected]. Make sure you include student/class name and school.

What happens if a student, class or school can’t make it to a session?
Refunds are not provided, however you will have access to the recording of the workshop.
What is the story starter wall?

A digital wall of students’ work, inspired by each session, to read, celebrate and use as a starter for your next story.

What is shown on the story starter wall?
The student’s piece of work, the student’s first name only and the person they would like to read their writing.
Do we have to add work to the story starter wall?

No, it is an opt-in activity.

Who can see the Story Starter Wall?
The world, they are your audience!
Can I register if I am not a school?

No. This is a school event only and not open to the public.

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