The Mini-Writing Festival ignites student writing!

On Demand Program Released

A school event: 15 On Demand workshops and 250 writing resources

1 Illustrator in every workshop in the Mini-Writing Festival
45 min per workshop in the Mini-Writing Festival

2021 Program Flexible Payment Options for ON DEMAND access

For 2021 On Demand: 30 day terms, instant access
For 2022:  Early Bird $5 per students * conditions apply + payment can be deferred to Term 1, 2022

On Demand workshops, each models writing skills

All Writing Types

Writing Modelled

Deborah Abela: challenge Describe the world in your story. Mini-Writing Festival 2021.

15 Author Workshops

Absolutely loved it! ...not only inspired my students to write more creatively, but has inspired my teaching!
Deborah Hansen - Curriculum Leader and Teacher
Kings Baptist Grammar School Wynn Vale, SA

2021 Highlights

The largest live festival in 2021

Participating in the Littlescribe writing festival and being able to observe how a published author constructs a piece of writing inspired our students to be creative writers who use an array of different writing techniques to write a well-structured, entertaining piece of writing.
Elise Baird
AP Leader of Pedagogy - St Josephs Primary School Wee Waa

2021 Calendar

MWF Date Logo 2021 (2)

Now a writing program with 15 On Demand Video Workshops, writing activities and 70+ Micro videos

On Demand Program Pricing

Mini Writing Festival 2020


On Demand Pricing 2021

Part and Whole School 

Now and available until 31st Dec 2021

$10.00 per student

AUD excluding GST
Minimum of 1 classroom
(Minimum 10 students per classroom)

Early Bird 2022

Whole School

 Terms Apply

From $5.00 per student

AUD excluding GST
Minimum of 1 classroom
(Minimum 10 students per classroom)
For 2021 On Demand: 30 day terms, instant access
For 2022:  Early Bird $5 per students * conditions apply + payment can be deferred to Term 1, 2022

Homeschool Mini-Writing Festival Education Kit

For a complete overview of all the inclusions for Home Schoolers click the button below

The Littlescribe Festival took our children to the next level with their writing. There were so many ideas for both students and teachers to be upskilled in their writing. A fantastic experience.

Rhonda Creasy – Teacher Librarian. Wallsend Public School NSW
Author, Katrina McKelvey watched live by Wallsend Public School.
Students in classrooms Mini-writing festival St Declan's Catholic Primary Katrina McKelvey

A Littlescribe thank you to our partners

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2021 Theme New Worlds, Old Worlds, Other worlds

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On Butterfly Wings, Educator Community.

How a live Mini-Writing session works

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Every session an illustrator joins, drawing as the author shares, while the literacy experts guide and direct the lesson and writing activities.

How a live mini-writing session works


Connect with your favourite Aussie authors

Mini-writing Festival Author Wall


Write a page of work every session


Add your work to the Story Starter Wall

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

For On Demand program 2021 – refer payment options above. For 2022 program – refer Early Bird rate and payment option above

When is the deadline to register?

 On Demand program is available still until end of Term 3. (Registrations for the LIVE sessions this year have passed.)

What resources are included in the mini-writing festival?

There will be downloadable lesson resources for each session with pre and post-workshop activities.

After the live event you will get access to the recorded workshop and series of 3 to 5 micro videos focused on key points from the workshop to reinforce and reuse over term 3 and 4.

What is the early bird price and when is the deadline?

Whole School: $5.00 per student
Part School: $6.00 per student.

Deadline is 24 July 2021. The standard rate of $10.00 per child then applies.

AUD + GST applies to pricing

Do students have to attend all the sessions?
No, you can choose which sessions to attend.
Can students attend all the sessions?

Yes, you can choose which sessions to attend.

Can I register as a whole school?

Yes. Register before 24th July 2021 and it is $5.00 per student.

Can I register as a class?

Yes. Register before 24 April 2021 and it is $6.00 per student for part schools.

What should we bring to the live session?

The sessions will be interactive so each student should bring pens, pencils, paper white boards and imagination!

What happens if a student, class or school can’t make it to a session?
Refunds are not provided, however you will have access to the recording of the workshop.
What is the Story Starter Wall?

A digital wall of students’ work, inspired by each session, to read, celebrate and use as a starter for your next story. Access the Story Starter wall.

What is shown on the Story Starter Wall?

The student’s piece of work, the student’s first name only and the person they would like to read their writing.

Work is submitted by the teacher and reviewed by Littlescribe before making it live.

Do we have to add work to the Story Starter Wall?

No, it is an opt-in activity.

Who can see the Story Starter Wall?
The world, they are your audience!
Can I register if I am not a school?

No. This is a school event only and not open to the public.

Can Home Schoolers participate in the live festival?

The live sessions are a school event only. Due to the management of privacy and security.

All videos are recorded and made available on demand as part of the Home Schoolers Education Kit.

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