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We asked – Why is there no library of books written

by kids for kids?


So we created

The megabonkeramus library

The world’s first digital library of books written by kids for kids.

A free online library for kids.

Where kids can add and read – books by kids! Just Like Bear Facts below.

Why megabonkeramus?

We had such a crazy desire and plan we had to create our own word.

Megabonkeramus Definition: An idea so big, so crazy, so bonkers it might just work!

Every primary school child writes an original story.

We have taken 3 steps to make this happen

How do I add my book to the megabonkeramus library?

Time to get it right, write!

Teachers, parents, students – it’s time to Pencil Up!

It all starts with:



1 BOOK at a time.

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Books written by kids using Littlescribe