Daddo, Phommavanh, Bancks among participants in Littlescribe co-author program

    Andrew Daddo

    Online literacy platform Littlescribe has announced its co-author program and participating authors.

    Authors Andrew Daddo, Oliver Phommavanh, Katrina McKelvey, Tristan Bancks, Deborah Abela and Andreea Kindryd have signed up to the program, which gives students (K-12) the opportunity to create original handwritten and illustrated books through the Littlescribe app or website.

    Each author will provide two pages of original work to be used by students and teachers as a story starter, passing on the responsibility for students to write the rest of the story. The program also provides video insights from authors into how they write, ‘each sharing their own approach, fears, tips and writing techniques’. Authors will also be able to access and read writing by students.

    ‘The program brings purpose to writing and increases student engagement,’ said Littlescribe in a statement. ‘Importantly, it gives them a platform to share their voice through their writing with family and friends as printed and digital books via books clubs, digital classrooms and a global library.’

    Daddo said: ‘There is nothing quite like Littlescribe’s co-author program. The reality is we have a problem with literacy in this country, especially writing. As a writer, that makes me a literacy leader and I believe every child should be given the fundamental skills to write.’

    Launched in 2016, Littlescribe includes 50 teaching programs designed to provide teachers with a toolset to teach writing in an engaging way while meeting curriculum outcomes and providing solutions to individual areas of student growth. It engages all writing approaches including handwriting, drawing, typed form, mixed medium, verbal storytelling, music and acting to start the writing process.

    For more information about Littlescribe, visit the website.

    (Pictured: Andrew Daddo. Credit: Anouk Daddo)