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    Handwriting achieves improved writing outcomes for students

    Handwriting is key to achieving improved writing outcomes. A growing body of research shows handwriting is core to driving improved writing outcomes for students. When we pick a pen or pencil to write, students turn on a powerful learning system.

    Murdoch University research found substantial evidence that students who write with pen and paper produce better learning outcomes later on.

    Our findings are well-aligned with other neuroimaging studies that support the need for handwriting in developing effective reading and writing abilities, Dr Malpique of Murdoch University.

    Edutopia’s research shows that drawing by hand is a powerful learning technique and nearly doubles students’ memory.

    Right now educators, particularly in primary schools are focused on their students’ writing. Of particular focus is engagement, confidence, access to meaningful opportunities and acquiring skills so that progress is retained and can be built on.

    Littlescribe’s interactive Mini-Writing Festival embraces the research and is designed to support educators for right now, in an unpredictable and interrupted learning environment.

    How does the Mini-Writing Festival turn on powerful learning systems?

    ✔️Students bring their pens and paper, every session is an interactive workshop.

    ✔️James Foley (illustrator) joins every session to visualise concepts while 12 Aussie authors brainstorm, share writing skills and model themes and ideas with students.

    ✔️Every writing challenge shows authors handwriting and sketching to anchor new concepts that build skills for students of every ability.

    ✔️Every video and sketch is later shared online for students and teachers to use through terms 3 and 4.

    ✔️Students can opt-in to share their handwritten or typed writing on the story starter wall.

    How do we support students’ learning in the classroom or at home?

    Schools with students in the classroom can access the live event and join in.

    Students learning remotely will be able to access the videos 24 hours after the live session by using their unique login and password to the account.

    Mini-Writing Festival
    Festival Theme: CBCA Book Week: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

    Date: 27th – 31st July.

    Learn more here

    Resources to share with students and educators to understand how handwriting and drawing impact memory, anchor new concepts and improve writing skills.

    • Edutopia This video, The powerful effect of drawing on learning is a great insight for students.
    • Tedx Graham Shaw – How to draw to remember more.

    Written by Jenny Atkinson | Founder, CEO Littlescribe