NSW Minister for Education – Rob Stokes

    “It’s about throwing away the rule book and saying to kids, just start writing. Tell us your stories. Where do we want stories from? The people with the best imaginations in the world. Who are the people with the best imaginations? It’s the young people. We are empowering them to write, to tell their stories because we know literacy is at the bedrock, the cornerstone of all learning.” NSW Minister for Education – Rob Stokes.

    The Minister for Education, was at the launch of Littlescribe and instantly embraced the vision of Littlescribe. Here is the Minister after the launch, outside Royal Far West.

    Our mission

    “Our mission is for every child in Australia to write an original book by 2018. By creating the world’s first library of books written by kids for kids we underpin purpose and pride today, not when you leave school or “grow up.” How many books and creative writing pieces are sitting under the table at school, or crumpled in the school bag?” Jenny Atkinson CEO Founder of Littlescribe said at the launch.

    “We want to celebrate and hero every, word, page and book as journey to learning. We are working with schools, teachers, parents, not for profits to make sure we reach every child. Their work can now be enjoyed as a digital book and a hard copy book to read again and again and again. Writing, reading and sharing with every littlescribe across the country – that is the mission.

    Every book can be added to the Megabonkeramus Library – the worlds first library of books written by kids for kids. It’s free and started here in Australia and is part of the mission for Australian kids to be the literacy leaders of the world

    Imagine the story of a country that was inspired and decided – it was time to get it write.


    Are you a teacher inspired? Contact us at hello@littlescribe. We can set up accounts for you and your class (it’s free).

    Are you a parent inspired? Download the app (it’s free) and guess what we encourage you to grab a pen and paper and write a book to your child – watch them pick up and read that book!

    NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean and Local Member for Manly James Griffin also speak about Littlescribe with the NSW Minister for Education Rob Stokes.