Safety FAQ’s2018-03-12T16:33:51+10:00

Safety FAQ's

Find out how we protect our community of teachers, parents and students

Our Policy is simple. All books are to be rated G.

 By this we mean a book is suitable for everyone. Refer to Bad Behaviour in our Terms of Use for details. We have processes in place for you to alert Littlescribe of any books or comments that do not meet our Policy. We welcome feedback to help us strengthen and improve our approach.

Who can read a child’s book?2018-11-09T18:07:02+10:00

Only parents can set the level that allows a child to share their book. If a school initiates a student account, social features are frozen until their parent connects and activates the social options.

Specifically a student will be able to create a book and save it in their account. A student will not be able to use any social features such as create a book club, share a book, leave an Emoji, comment or join someone's book club, until the parent activates these options.

Once a parent has connected and set the appropriate access level work (not marked private) will be visible to:

Book Club members – Only trusted friends and family you invite and accept. Each account holder can invite, as well as accept or decline invitations.
Megabonkeramus Library – A book can be added, which means all Littlescribe Members can read your book.

Can I make a book private?2018-02-23T16:48:27+10:00

Yes!  Click the pad lock on the book, only the account holder can read that book. No one else! Click here to learn how.

Who can leave an Emoji on my book?2018-02-23T16:50:57+10:00

Only Littlescribe Emoji’s can be used, they are positive and constructive by design. Books in a Book Club and the Megabonkeramus Library can have an Emoji added by a Littlescribe member. Click here to learn how.

Who can leave a message on my book?2018-02-23T16:51:39+10:00

Only Book Club member can leave a message on a book. No messages are shared in the Megabonkeramus Library.

What if a member leaves an inappropriate message or book?2018-02-23T16:52:50+10:00

Immediately contact Littlescribe.

You can do this by clicking the FLAG symbol and send to us; this identifies the book, message and account holder.

You can immediately delete any message created on your book. We ask you contact us as well so we review and take appropriate steps.

Can I delete a book?2018-02-15T16:10:05+10:00

Yes! Click here to learn how.

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