Susanne Gervay

Susanne Gervay

I love being an author, creating stories that can change your world.

I am Jack
Elephants have wings
Gracie and Josh
Super Jack

Susanne Gervay has been awarded an Order of Australia for children’s literature and the Lifetime Social Justice Literature Award for her children’s books by the International Literacy Association and is the Regional Advisor and heads the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Australia East and New Zealand (SCBWI). Her published books include themes that deal with bullying in schools, rites of passage, inclusion, respect and the rights of children and families.  She is frequently drawn upon as a key note speaker at conferences for librarians, writers, teachers and parents alike. “My passion is empowering kids and adults with story. Story that brings hope especially to young people, as they navigate this complex world.”

Susanne's programs

I Am Jack

Age: 9-12 years

Writing focus: Narratives, Relationships, Bullying

Story starter

Susanne Gervay has provided some pages from her published book to be used as a story starter. This program explores relationships, bullying and family dynamics and it provides opportunities to build vocabulary and language features to write a narrative. Students will explore the consequences of decisions, how this can affect character motivation and behaviour and then create their own co-authored book.

Student work
Jack and Sam
Jack VS Bully
Sneak Peek

What's included

For Students and Teachers:

  • One printed 12-page A5 book per student
  • Videos from author
  • The story starter
  • Writing program, linked to the curriculum
  • Reference to quality text and research
  • A digital book per student for life


Price per student licence:

  • 1 – 99 = $19.80
  • 100 – 499 = $17.60
  • 500 or more = $16.50

Every digital book can also create digital classroom libraries and bookclubs for parents to enjoy.