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nation’s top storytellers.

An educational program that inspires, models, and brings purpose to writing.

Rich workshops and lessons

Powerful Book Creation Tools

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The 2024 Mini-Writing Festival lineup

Teaching Tools and resources

A versatile toolkit featuring writing activities, prompts, lesson plans, worksheets, and student assignment and assessment tools.

The MiniReview is a tool for teachers to assess and record student writing abilities. Through its assessment features, teachers can track student progress, provide feedback, and make comments.

Additionally, The MiniReview provides example writing assessment prompts for both narrative and persuasive writing styles. These prompts cover topics tailored for specific age groups; however, any of the writing assessment examples can be utilized.

Teachers have the option to assess one or all of the following 10 key writing skills:

  • Audience
  • Text Structure
  • Ideas
  • Vocabulary
  • Characters / Settings OR persuasive devices
  • Cohesion
  • Paragraphs
  • Sentence Structure
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling

The Book Week Literacy Packs include 100s of digital and printable resources that delve into CBCA Award-winning books since 2021, encompassing worksheets, teaching slides, author biographies, and more.

Littlescribe Writing Model

Engage your students with live workshops and on-demand stimuli that explore rich themes, capturing the attention of every learner.

Powerful exemplars, simply shared with your students showing how they can apply key skills to their own work.

Access rich flexible lesson plans, resources, and activities that guide skills and encourage original responses.

Includes strategies and opportunities for students to revise, rethink, and refine, in preparation for their final work to be published and/or shared.

Utilise tools that seamlessly transform any A4 handwritten paper or digital project into an individual or collaborative digital book. Every page and project creates a student portfolio.

Student projects with an authentic audience either digitally or print on-demand. They serve as powerful learning resources or equally as a celebration of authorship with your community.

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