A complete writing platform for schools

Connect with Australia’s leading children’s authors through our curriculum-aligned writing programs and events. Use exclusive resources to inspire students and build literacy skills to help them thrive.

Cobargo bushfires in 2020 prompt students from Cobargo Public School to write their story. Learn More Here.

Teaching and learning resources

Turn any writing project into digital and printed books, cards and calendars.

Provides daily writing activities including all text types and subjects for a year.

An exclusive program writing a book with an author, with lessons plans, videos and resources.

Connect and combine all our programs and events to build a customised writing plan for the year.

Educational writing events

AnnualScribe Mini-Writing Festival

An interactive live writing festival with 15 Aussie authors presenting workshops to develop writing skills.

Think It Ink It

Think it Ink it, a writing competition that encourages students to be critical and creative writers and illustrators.

The Story Starter Wall

The Story Starter Wall inspires and celebrates students’ writing. It provides an audience.

Think of the Littlescribe platform as a collection of your favourite teaching resources, writing prompts, lesson plans, assessment tools and links to quality authors. Simply presented and easy to use, it provides a complete year of learning.

The MegaScribe Licence

Connect and combine our programs to build a customised writing plan for the year.

MegaScribe on cyan

MegaScribe is for everyday use in your classroom.

Create an inspired, collaborative classroom with a mixture of rich, exclusive resources and interactive activities that connect to the curriculum.

MegaScribe inspires the writer in every student.

“In my 20 years of teaching, I have never seen a literacy program have such an impact.”

Becky Ward, Koputaroa School, New Zealand

Andrew Daddo Atticus Van Tasticus Program Cover

The Co-author Program

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WeeklyScribe program from AnnualScribe


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The Co-author Program

An exclusive program inviting students to
write the rest of a story started by an author.

Co-author program

Students are readers, writers, co-authors.

“I love the co-author program. The lesson plans are easy to follow and every activity can be differentiated. The whole program is so engaging for my students. And the best part is when they receive their own copy of the book they have created.”

Trinity Hook, Nords Wharf Public School, NSW

Teacher Writing Toolkit Product Logo

Teacher Writing Toolkit

A toolkit of writing activities
including all text types and subjects.

Assign, review and track student writing.

“We did our first lesson today. It was amazing!”

Luke Fowler, AP Gordon East Public School, NSW

Teacher Writing Toolkit example focus areas

Teacher Writing Toolkit

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The critical & creative writing competition

Free to participate

Think it Ink it, encourages students to be critical and creative thinkers by responding as writers and illustrators to real-world challenges. Term 1 + 2.

“I loved how simple the techniques were, so it was accessible to students of a varying ability.”

Janine Reymers, Box Hill North Primary School, VIC

Think It Ink It

Write a short story

Design a book cover and write a blurb

Create a poster

AnnualScribe Mini-Writing Festival
Classroom working with Katrina McKelvey

An interactive live festival

15 collaborative workshops with Australian authors who present interactive activities and challenges.

Term 3 event for primary and high school students that is linked to CBCA Book Week. Writing activities designed to continue engagement through term 3 and 4.

“The Littlescribe Festival took our children to the next level with their writing. There were so many ideas for both students and teachers to be upskilled in their writing. A fantastic experience!”

Rhonda Creasey, Wallsend Public School, NSW

Who would you like to read your writing?

The Story Starter Wall inspires and celebrates students’ writing. We help provide an audience.

Our students were thoroughly engaged in each session and could hardly contain themselves so they could get into their stories.”

Joan Reeves, Nangus Public School, NSW

The Story Starter Wall

Create your own

Turn writing projects into digital and printed books, cards and calendars.

Create my own project on cyan

Bring students' writing to life.

“The best memory I have of kindergarten is writing a book with Littlescribe.”

Amerla’s Student Reflection, Revesby Public School, NSW

The Littlescribe writing process