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A virtual online literacy learning platform for learners aged 4 to 16.  Littlescribe is an excellent way to help learners, continue building essential writing skills, from home in the event of school closures.

3 products have been created with the educator in mind. Supporting teachers to achieve a healthy home learning experience for their students.

Teacher Writing Toolkit

FREE until 30 June 2020

  • 350+ Writing Activities
  • Cross-curricular Themes
  • 10-Lesson Program
  • Connects to curriculum for NSW, VIC and AC
  • Available online and downloadable as a pdf, video and worksheets
  • Allows teachers to view and provide student feedback to students responses
  • Enables parents to connect to their child's purposeful writing projects created in your classroom

Co-author Virtual Incursion

What’s included

  • A virtual incursion via live video conference with your author of choice
  • Multiple, flexible dates available throughout Terms 2 and 3
  • Comprehensive writing program, linked to curriculum
  • 10 lesson plans with digital and printable resources
  • Videos from chosen author
  • A story starter - two pages from the author to inspire writing for each student
  • Reference to quality texts and research
  • A digital book per student for life that can be shared
  • Unlimited access to the program for 12-months
  • All resources accessible at school and home

Premium Portfolio

What’s included

  • Includes a Co-author Virtual Incursion
  • Assessment tools
  • Student writing portfolio
  • Add students notes and sample work
  • Access full range of independent writing tasks for every stage and writing types
  • Unlimited digital projects per students

You Can Lean On Us, We're Here To Help

We feel there has never been a more important time to do this. With more and more parents opting towards homeschooling it is important that educators are able to keep the continuity of learning either at school or remotely. Littlescribe provides literacy learning activities for teachers to refer students to use at home.

Teacher Writing Toolkit

  • Over 350 short writing activities
  • Weekly writing plans
  • Tasks for K-10
  • Curriculum links
  • Digital and printable resources
  • Access for students and parents
  • Teacher assign and feedback tool
Calm teacher

How to use the writing toolkit

To support teaching in a blended environment, with students learning at school and/or at home, the Writing Toolkit provides the connection point needed to continue to progress student learning through effective teacher feedback. Engaging, independent writing tasks can be assigned to and completed by specific students within the Littlescribe platform, allowing teachers to instantly read and respond. Equity in learning is crucial, so all activities in the Writing Toolkit can be downloaded and printed for your students’ at-home learning packs.

What children and parents are saying about Littlescribe

"The best part about Oliver Phommavanh's books is the comedy! I like that he is very funny and his books contain a lot of comedy and rib-tickling jokes. His books are hilarious and make my friends and I laugh."
Sahil aged 10
Student, Wentworthville PS
"In my 20 years of teaching, I have never seen a literacy program have such an impact."
Becky Ward
Pod Leader, Koputaroa School, NZ
"We choose Oliver as our Co-author as many children are familiar with his books. His story grabbed the attention of the teachers... we are excited to extend student writing skills through this great project."
Melinda Hall
Teacher Librarian, Wentworthville PS

Co-author Virtual Incursion

  • A live video conference with an author of your choice
  • Flexible dates throughout Term 2
  • Programs for K-10
  • 10-lesson writing program linked to curriculum
  • Author videos
  • Digital and printable worksheets and resources
  • A digital book to read and share

How to use the Co-author Virtual Incursion

As learning moves online, the Co-author Virtual Incursion Program provides a way for students and teachers to connect with respected and well-loved Australian children’s authors. They can engage in a writing workshop from school or home to be inspired, motivated and supported to write. Purpose for students’ writing encourages pride and progress, and the creation of a co-authored book provides that purpose, regardless of where they are.



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