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Bear Facts – Educational video demonstrates how Littlescribe embraces curriculum outcomes. Develop your own lessons or use ours.

bear facts 

bear facts education

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Bear Facts

 A stage 1 – Fact Text Project.

Students choose and researched an animal to create a fact (text) book. They identified the structure of a book, wrote their text in pencil and considered illustrations for each section. The pencil text was reviewed, edited and updated in dark texter by the student.  The Littlescribe app created an instant digital book. Students read and shared each others books.. Two weeks later their 'for real life' books arrived.  The buzz was electric as they turned the pages of their own book. They swapped books with peers, and later shared them with Mum and Dad at home.

Littlescribe connects teachers with students and parents to create amazing writers

Activities that embed the curriculum

Our free activities inspire and reinforce writing with purpose for primary school students. Students can join in our FREE activities. We choose our favourite books and animate them!

Animated Bear Facts
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These resources have been created by teachers for teachers. Please feel free to share and make suggestions – we love the feedback. These tips and tricks are designed for optimal results in the classroom.

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Printed for 'real life book' options described below:

Book Size

Sizes: A4 or A5

Book Pages

Pages: 12, 36, 60 or 100 pages.

Book Orientation

Shape: Portrait or Landscape.

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Note: Landscape books can ONLY be printed as A5. Portrait books can be printed as EITHER A4 or A5

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